Welcome to Opportunity Knocks, a digital marketing firm with experts who specialize in marketing solutions to grow your business.

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We know that each client has different needs and goals so our marketing solutions begin with a conversation. The conversation goes like this, what do you want to accomplish with your marketing? Our wide range of marketing solutions enables us to present a variety of possibilities for break-through growth and market penetration.

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Opportunity Knocks

When Opportunity Knocks, you want to be sure you've assembled the right team to answer the call! We're absolutely, madly, crazily passionate about our customers.  We'll do anything to see that they win in the market place. We eat near-impossible assignments for lunch and come back for dessert. We get misty-eyed knowing we're the match makers between brands and starry-eyed customers. We're the life coach that does everything in our power to see your mature business finally get the rewards it's always deserved.

For nearly 30 years, our teams of experienced marketers have provided a comprehensive suite of services - from strategic consultation and planning through flawless execution - to help our clients achieve their marketing objectives. That's what we're all about - helping our clients to seize the moment.


Choose a team with skills, experiences and
accomplishments broad enough to ensure your success.

Our team comes from multiple backgrounds and disciplines spanning from consumer packaged goods and higher education to software publishing and points in-between. Our accumulated lessons, histories and success stories allow us to move boldly in new markets and outflank less nimble competitors.

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How Do We Work?

We strategize, redesign, and rebrand your business' marketing approach to inform and compel your target audience to act. Call us for a free consultation and let's get the conversation started!